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So I'm deciding to take a gap year and not do university this year.
This means I have a lot of ime on my hands to write, read, maybe get a part-time job, and go to art galleries and such. Maybe be artsy and pretentious...

Today I took a bus downtown and admired some of the beautiful, old buildings all nestled into one another. Some have such personality; gargoyl faces, falling off (iron?) letters of a bank name, colour and ornamentation.

Anyway, I'll try to post more about my ramblings and meaninderings.

all the best

Goodbye Summer

It is with deep sadness that I am coming to realize that these are the last few weeks that I will not have to be either studying or working for the rest of my life.

I will need to work summers until I finish uni, then I'll have to get a full time job.

That's scary, and sad; but probably grown-up too.

Another ending to a part of childhood.

Writer's Block: Born to be wild

What’s the coolest way you’ve celebrated your birthday?

warning: nerd content may ensue.

My birthday is fairly near March 14, so I had a Pi day party (3.14)

I invited my close friends and we ate a lot of pie and hung around and played apple-to-apples.

It was really fun

hello again

So, I've been away from LJ for quite a while,
but I kept getting these email notifications about people friending me, so I decided to check back in.

I think I might post a bunch of images I like (mostly from the cheesburger network, biggest time waster and entertainer) so that I can find them again.  You have been warned.

Life has changed quite a bit...

I finished high school this year! 

Anyway, I may or may not post here more.

ta ta for now


I'm back!

Hello people

I finally got around to visiting LJ again!

School's been eating up my life, but I'm enjoying a holiday weekend and some R&R.



what I've been up to


Life's been hectic.

GOOD NEWS: not only did I pass Physics, but I got 6% MORE than I need to get into university!!!!!!!  huzzah!!!!!!

(Speaking of which, I have a few essays and other application stuff to write in the next few days.
  The topics are sooooo boring.  "what are your goals for your time here at this university"
one down, 2 to go...)

I'm super busy, and somehow am not getting a whole lot done.

Je suis desolee, mais I dropped mon cours de Francais. 
J'en n'ai pas l'energie pour lire camus, satre, huis clos puis une demie-douzaine de livres/romans philosophiques
en addition des plus difficiles cours en secondaire.  Je m'en fous
Apres tous mes annees d'ecole en francais, tous mes struggles, mes larmes et la douleur,  je ne peu pas continuer. 
      Meme si J'ai  11 credits des secondaire en francais, puis l'equivalent d'un credit universitaire en francais je ne peu pas recevoir mon diplome d'imersion.  J'en n'ai meme pas l'option de "challenge" le cours, d'ecrire l'examen pour gagner le credit.  le board donne le diplome seulement si on assoit  dans ce cours pendant les 4 ans.

(essentially, I dropped French (where we're reading Camus, Satre, and a 1/2 dozen other philosophe books; at the same time as taking the most difficult HS courses) and it sucks that I can only get my immersion certificate if I sit through the class, even though I've done 11 courses in French (over 1/3 of my high school credits) and I have a university French credit.

screw bureaucracy.

Excited for the next week; lots going on...

virtual hugs where wanted


Writer's Block: Connecting the dots

How do you feel about standardized tests? Do you think they accurately indicate a student's knowledge or ability?

It's been 9 days since my last standardized test.

I think they really don't represent the ability or knowledge of many students, since they're sooo darned easy!

(Where I live, you need to pass a language skills test in order to graduate. This actually just tests whether you have passed gr. 9 English.  It's taken after gr. 9. WTF?)

Also,  I was told by the school's head of guidance/special ed. in gr. 7 that I was retarded.  I've been an honour student all my life. 
Heck, I'm even designated as "Gifted" in a certain school board. Somehow I'm "gifted" in my second language and not in my first.  WTF?

So, overall in my experience, schools may not be that great at knowing what their students can and cannot do.

I'll just leave you with a nice little thought (which might not be true, can't remember where I heard it); apparently  IQ tests were designed to keep certain types of people out of universities and various high-class/intellectual groups.
They discovered that women where consistently scoring higher than men, so they decided to add more questions about baseball.